Our Approach to Assessing Your Business Needs

DeLano Business Solutions, LLC provides integrated consulting, acquisition management, business program support, and training services for state and federal agencies nationally.

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The First Step

The First Step in removing your business roadblocks is receiving our patented Solutions Assessment. Every client relationship begins with us taking the time to learn your unique challenges and opportunities.

1. Explore

  • Determine business needs
  • Identify major concerns.
  • Determine measurable indicators.
  • Consider data sources.
  • Decide preliminary priorities.

2. Analyze

  • Determine target groups
  • Gather data.
  • Define trends.
  • Identify and analyze causes.
  • Summarize findings.

3. Decide

  • Set priority needs.
  • Identify possible solutions.
  • Define solutions.
  • Propose action plan.
  • Prepare summary or report.

Our Solutions Methodology

Our Solutions Methodology is centered around our principles of Organizational Planning, Leadership Mobilization, Change Management, Continuous Improvement, and Sustainability. Beyond assessing your business needs, our experts will support your organization in the Design, Launch, Implementation, and Evaluation of all strategies deployed to ensure desired outcomes are achieved!

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Contact us for a free phone consultation

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Free phone consultation

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