Business Process Improvement

No matter how complex your business may be, we have the strategic resources to support your desire to improve your business processes. We can help you take decisive action and achieve substantial results.

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Driving innovation and productivity for your key business functions

DeLano Business Solutions provides Business Process Improvement (BPI) solutions tailored for your unique business needs and challenges. Our solutions adopt a strategic planning methodology aimed at identifying the operations or employee skills that could be improved to encourage smoother procedures, more efficient workflow and overall business growth.

Our BPI Solutions includes the application of lean manufacturing principles and concepts that align with your unique operational requirements. Our approach focuses on identifying areas of your business operations that can be streamlined or optimized as part of a continuous improvement strategy. We evaluate your business with the primary objective of systematically achieving small, incremental changes in processes to improve efficiency and quality.

Our Business Process Improvement Solutions Include:

  •  Operational Process Assessment
  •  Organizational & Infrastructural Re-Design
  •  Operational Workflows
  •  Procedural Standardization (SOP Development)
  •  Resource Re-allocation & Optimization
  •  Business Process Reengineering
  •  Process Improvement Training
  •  And More!

Approximately 70 percent of new businesses fail within their first five years of operation. The root cause of most business failures stems from a lack of strategic planning, effective product/service branding, or limited resources. Our Solution Consultants help you understand the risks and plan for challenges.

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