Government Contracting Solutions

DeLano Business Solutions has expanded its support of the small business community, by offering customized Government Contracting Solutions to state and federal agencies locally, and nationallly. Our wide range of business consulting and management services provide public institutions with the resources they need to continue to support the programs and initiatives that are vital to local communities throughout the US.

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Government Contracting Solutions

DeLano Business Solutions, LLC provides integrated consulting, acquisition management, business program support, and training services for state and federal agencies nationally. We provide expert advice and assistance in support of an agency's mission-oriented business functions; while also offering advanced project management support, instructor-led training, and course development as requested.

Strategic Management Consulting

  • Needs assessments.
  • Research evaluations.
  • Operational studies & analyses.
  • Program scenario & simulations reports.
  • Business policy and regulation development.
  • Leadership training and development programs
  • And More!

Contract Administration & Support Services

  • Contractor/Vendor performance reviews.
  • Development of contract modifications.
  • Contract discrepancy investigations.
  • Reporting and stakeholder briefings.
  • And More!

Acquisition Planning Assistance

  • Project management (planning through closeout)
  • Market research.
  • Procurement strategy recommendations.
  • Contract close-out assistance.
  • Operational/administrative support services.
  • Proposal evaluations (price/cost).
  • Technical proposal analysis.
  • And More!

Survey Services

  • Survey planning and development.
  • Survey  implementation & administration.
  • Data validation and analysis.
  • Reporting and stakeholder briefings.
  • Action plan development and implementation.
  • And More!

Strategic Sourcing Studies

  • Privatization studies.
  • Public-private partnership evaluations. 
  • Federal Activities.
  • Inventory Reform (FAIR) Act studies.
  • And More!

Acquisition Document Development

  • Cost/price estimates.
  • Quality assurance surveillance plans.
  • Statements-of-work reviews.
  • Synopses.
  • Solicitations.
  • Price negotiation memoranda.
  • And More!

Approximately 70 percent of new businesses fail within their first five years of operation. The root cause of most business failures stems from a lack of strategic planning, effective product/service branding, or limited resources. Our Solution Consultants help you understand the risks and plan for challenges.

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