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Every business leader will wonder, “What can I do to become more profitable?”, “What are the changes I should apply to improve my sales?”, “What do I need to do to retain my top performers?”. DeLano Business Solutions can help you find the answer to these questions, and many others, that will likely come to mind as you transition through your business lifecycle.

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Business Life Cycle

1. Start-up

Starting a new business requires extensive planning and preparation. Many new start-ups fail, simply because they don’t have the resources, infrastructure, or expertise to ensure all the pillars to success are upheld.

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2. Growth

Growing your business involves managing the complexity of, not only sales but, organizational structure, processes, and resources.

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3. Expansion

Your organization offers a valuable product or service in the marketplace, and you have been able to reach a growth platform.

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4. Maturity

Your business has expanded, and you are reaching the height of your success in your market.

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5. Transition

Your business has expanded, and you are reaching the height of your success in your market.

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Strategic Consulting Solutions

Delano Business Solutions is a strategic management consulting firm providing the small business community with the resources and expertise required to foster successful startup, growth, expansion, maturity, and transition within the marketplace. We pride ourselves in gaining a deep understanding of your unique challenges, so we can leverage our network of experts to help you develop and execute plans for successful growth and transformation.

Strategic Consulting is a Key Solution

DeLano Business Solutions provides a deep understanding of the core principles that drive successful business management and organizational leadership, in the consumer goods and services industries. Our Strategic Consulting experts will deliver you a roadmap to successfully execute specific initiatives built around your business and your next phase of transition. We utilize only proven business strategies, such as Transformation Leadership Methods, Lean Six Sigma, and others. Our Mission is to deliver enterprise-level business strategies and expertise to the small and mid-sized business community, at an affordable price. It’s that simple.

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